White Russia
1 Roboter arm at the Global Entrepreneurship Week at Marriott Hotel Minsk 2 Bronze sculpture of Lenins Head at the Metro station Lenin Square, Minsk. Obviously bypassers still touch the nose for good luck. 3 A Traktor shaped Chrismas illumination in Minsk. Since Soviet times Belarus is on of the biggest tractor manufactures in the world. 4 Andrei Pliachko is co-founder of a Start-Up that is building a device to read out brainwaves and use them as a controller for software applications. 5 Main office of the KGB in Minsk how the Belarusian central intelligence service ist still called. 6 Dean at the University for IT and Radiotechnology in Minsk. 7 Entrance to the Hero Fortress in Brest, a major monument to commemorate the fight of the Red Army during the Second World War. 8 Kindergarden N° 372, located in a Minsk suburb, offers special classes to prepare kids for MINT studies. 9 Construction site in Minsk. 10 Political Analyst Arsen Sivitski is working for a state funded Belarusian Think Tank. 11 Statue of Lenin located right in front of the national parliament at Independence Square, Minsk. 12 Mother and kid passing a modern building in Minsk. 13 Random woman in a suburb of Minsk. 14 Billboard at the Great Stone Industrial Park near Minsk. The area a is a free trade zone funded by China and part of its New Silk Road project. 15 Kirill Zalessky, former diplomat and today Director of Global Cooperation Office at Hi Tech Park Belarus, a legal regime to promote the national IT sector. 16 Lunch break at the office of Wargaming, the most successful Belarusian start-up. 17 Freshly imported Korean cars waiting for Customers. 18 Andrei Yahorau Political Scientist and founder of a NGO. 19 A fairy tale style Villa in Minsk suburb. 20 Early morning rush hour in Brest. 21 Soviet-style lamp at the metro station Lenin Square, Minsk.