1 Self published Photobook, 2016. 2 When my older brother didn't want to be photographed after the wedding, Michaela sat on the hood of the car and looked at him saying, "O Flori, come on!" 3 After the registry office we all went "Zum Adler", which was a very popular restaurant in my home village of Sünna. 4 While Leonie was standing next to the car car, a Croatian lifeguard shouted at us to get lost. 5+6 The car was also suitable for off-road use and not seldom people complained about my way of parking. 7 This is the house I grew up in. 8 My first apartment was in this panel building in Schmalkalden. Back then, in 2001, there was always a pile of bulky waste like this at the picture. 9 Like everyone in the village, my grandmother usually goes shopping to the "Konsum". 10 Self published Photobook, 2016. 11 This mother with her daughter was standing at the exit of Sarajevo to hitchhike home. 12+13 In Slovenia it was raining the whole time. 14 This is the most mysterious picture in the whole book. Maybe it was the liquor, but, I really don't remember that I took this picture. It must have been taken near the "Trepča mine" in northern Kosovo. 15 Once I spent a night in Rugova Gorge. 16 When left my parents home, my first flatshare was in this panel building in Schmalkalden. 17 To get to Valhalla, we drove a detour of 300 km. 18 We bought a Franconian flag and mounted it on the car before we drove through Bavaria. 19+20 The Albanian flag is seen more often in Kosovo than the Kosovar flag. As well as these strange monuments that were built all over the country after the 1999 war. 21 Self published Photobook, 2016. 22 Driving somewhere in the evening, sitting on the roof, drinking beer and looking at some city, I did quite often. 23 In Slovenia it was raining the whole time. 24 These were the very last guests at my brother's wedding. 25 Before we drove to Bavaria, we actually just wanted to quickly eat a Thuringian Rostbratwurst at the annual festival. 26 Montenegro, too, I remember only rain. 27 The "Monte Kali" is a man made mountain that consists entirely of potash salt and is over 200 m high. 28+29 When I spent a night in Rugova Gorge I went at a mountain top the other day. 30 Self published Photobook, 2016. 31 When I think of my grandparents I always have this image in my head. Every time they stood in the front door like this waving goodbye. 32 The owner of the Ferrari was sitting just around the corner and had to laugh very hard when I took the photo. 33 The first time I was driving on the Karawanks highway was with my parents and brothers, on the radio was said that Falco had died. The rest of the ride only "Jeanny" was played on the radio. 34 We just made in time to the airport in Prishtina so Leonie did not missed her flight. 35+36 It wasn't too bad that Leonie had this car crash. Somehow it gave the car even more character. 37 Self published Photobook, 2016. 38 This was the first hitchhiker I picked up in Kosovo. 39-41 In Croatia I once had a conversation with a guy how owned the same red Peugeot. When he heard that my car had only 60,000 kilometers, he wanted to buy it right away. 42 Self published Photobook, 2016. 43 I stole this club in a hostel in Sarajevo. 44-47 The traces of the Bosnian war are still visible in Sarajevo. If you pay attention, you will notice the shell holes, which have only been patched up in a makeshift manner or not at all. 48 Self published Photobook, 2016. 49 Somehow, such power plants look the same everywhere. 50+51 The memorial chapel next to the "Victory Monument" looked like something out of a Star Wars movie. All over the Balkans there are these brutalist monuments that look so different from those in the rest of Eastern Europe. We only passed this one because someone showed us the wrong route. 52 Self published Photobook, 2016. 53 Ratko Mladić was the military leader of the Bosnian Serbs and a convicted war criminal. But that doesn't seem to bother the operators of this shop. 54 In Leipzig there were a total of 34 "Netto" supermarkets. I took a photo in front of each. 55 It seems like in Kosovo they also like "Netto" supermarkets. 56 Acutally this wasn't in Serbia but in Kosovo. 57 Self published Photobook, 2016. 58 When I heard that in Kosovo you can buy "Xanax" without a prescription, I bought six packs at once. They were so cheap and I knew "Xanax" from American movies. 59 Before reaching Peć I had the car washed. I also bought some gasoline. The next day I flew back to Germany. 60 This is my cousin Ludwig. 61 Self published Photobook, 2016. 62 Actually, it was quite some fun time. Except of the story with Interpol, maybe. 63 Once a house in my neighborhood burned, a little later I bought Paul's car from my neighbor, then died of cancer. 64 Self published Photobook, 2016.