1 „Björn Höcke my future chancellor of hearts“, this slogan refers to the far right politician Björn Höcke, leader of the most extreme fraction of the right wing party AFD. Some of his followers do celebrate him like a messiah. 2 „Believing in lying press so your mind is a mess.“ 3 DEXIT, the German version of the Brexit. 4 Day of the 200. demonstration of the right wing movement PEGIDA. 5 „No 3rd Dictatorship in Germany!“ 6 Peace in Russian and Hebrew. 7 „Grandpa’s against the Left“ seems like a reaction to older movement „Grandma’s against the Right“. 8 Which states need immigration, comparing Germanys population per square kilometer with other countries. 9 Israeli flag at a right wing demonstration seems quite inappropriate especially in Germany. 10 It’s just a match. 11 (from top to down) „I want my country back“, „Merkel has to leave - Breach of law and treason do not expire Mrs. Merkel", "Germany the land of poets and thinkers becomes a truant". 12 The name of Greta spelled with the German words for brat (of) rich parents bluffs everybody. 13 „Never again War“. 14 „Swords to Ploughshare“, quote from the Bible and a reference to an East German non governmental disarmament initiative from the 1980s. 15 „Stop the Neo-STAZIS - No Dictatorship again“, STAZI is a neologism made from the Word STASI, the former East German State Security, and the fascist NAZI movement of Adolf Hitler. 16 „Only a dumb nation is a good nation“.